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Woodbury, Taxidermy, Wild Game Processing, Lion, Hunting, Exotic Animals


Preserve your hunting memories—for life.

In the early 1950s, in what was then the small northwestern town of Cody, Wyoming, a world-wide known taxidermy business was born. One that would impact families for generations to come.


Jimmy Dieringer, joined the Woodbury Taxidermy business in 1977 as a young, industrious taxidermist apprentice. Accompanying their daily taxidermy work, the team also honed their artistic abilities by creating unique nature and wildlife art such as western sculptures.


However, in 1979, Dieringer became the owner of Woodbury Taxidermy, where one of his first act of business was moving the growing business to Ingram, Texas, where they could be closer to exotic game ranches such as the Y.O. It wasn't long after moving the business to Texas that a great idea came to fruition. It was time to evolve their services to incorporate meat processing, thus offering a "one-stop-shop" full-service experience. ​


In the years that followed, Dieringer continued to grow and expand the business, so much, in fact, he began training the next generation of taxidermist – his sons Derek and Collin. This was just the beginning of what would evolve into a family business. Through this growth and exposure, Woodbury Taxidermy began earning a world-class clientele drawing work from all over the state and the globe.


After attending Texas Tech, Derek Dieringer joined the family business following the footsteps of his father. In 2005, Dieringer took over the role of managing day-to-day operations at the shop. On July 10, 2018, after a long-fought battle with cancer, Jimmy Dieringer left for his eternal home – his presence is sorely missed. To this day, Derek Dieringer continues his family’s tradition of taxidermy excellence by providing clients an unparalleled experience and never compromises on quality or artistry.


With over two decades of experience, we’ve developed a distinctive process that focuses on developing a holistic design composition, while treating each project as uniquely as the animal itself.

Woodbury, Taxidermy, Wild Game Processing, Cheetah, Hunting, Exotic Animals

Furthermore, before we begin a project, we create conceptual sketches, 3D renderings, and scale models to ensure your trophy mount design matches your precise creative vision.

Woodbury, Taxidermy, Wild Game Processing, Hunting, Exotic Animals

We never rely on stock forms that offer only generic sizes and poses. Instead, we painstakingly resize and sculpt each form to fit the specific animal, ensuring an impactful, dynamic pose.

Woodbury, Taxidermy, Wild Game Processing, Cheetah, Hunting, Exotic Animals

Our extensive custom reference library enables us to develop muscle definition, vein detail, hide texture, and eye expressions that are anatomically-correct for the species and bring life to the piece.

Woodbury, Taxidermy, Wild Game Processing, Impala, Hunting, Exotic Animals
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